Sturdybilt Expanding Pliers

Introducing the "inside pliers". Pliers that expand when you squeeze. 

Sturdybilt Expanding Pliers solve different problems and are opposite of traditional pliers. Most pliers grab on the outside, but these pliers grab on the inside. The jaws open as you squeeze the handles together so they apply pressure on the inside of things. They can pick up or grab things from the inside, or they can expand or spread things apart. They're really the opposite of regular pliers so you need both kinds. Explore further what Sturdybilt Expanding Pliers can do and you'll see why they should be in your toolbox. Made in USA.

The pliers in this photo are squeezed together about half-way opening the jaws proportionally. The spring exerts force between the handles keeping the jaws closed until the handles are pressed together. The jaws are knurled on the outside for improved grip. Notice the recess in the tips which allows that side of the tip to fit into openings that are quite small. The recess also allows the operator a choice in how the pliers are oriented relative to the work. The pliers can approach the work head on using the entire tip, or they can approach the work at 90* by using the recessed portion of the tips. These approaches are shown  in the next photos.

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